Our rail fixing clips are:

1) Bolted Clips
2) Welded Clips
  1. Bolting is the simple way to join items
  2. Bolting does not need the skills or qualification required for welding
  3. Suitable for lighter applications
  4. Can carry the highest loads when used with two M24 bolts
  5. Economical choice
  1. Welded clips allow all the work to be done from above the runway beam
  2. Welded clips carry high forces from rails with relatively small size clips
  3. Suitable for heaving duty industries
  4. High load carrying capacity
  5. Available for any size of rail from largest to smallest

Our SMART adjustable clips secure rails in position using a mechanical lock while allowing small rail movements due to a soft synthetic elastomer nose. The SMART nose is vulcanize-bonded to the clips to accommodate the forces applied to rails by cranes.

We design and manufacture rail clips to fit almost every rail profile available worldwide.